Finding my Praying Knees

Photo by Rainstorm Photo

Hello and welcome! My name is Sofia, a happy, married, Catholic convert growing closer to God everyday. I was born and raised hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado before graduating from engineering school and moving to northern Indiana for a job in the steel industry. It’s difficult not to fall in love with every minute of life in the mountains and it was no easy decision to leave them but, by God’s grace, that turned out to be one of the best decisions I would ever make. This was the choice that kickstarted my adult life and my journey to faith, true love, and perfect happiness. 

I grew up in a beautiful home surrounded by love and family thanks to my two wonderful parents, both fallen-away Catholics who returned to the faith when I was in high school. Although throughout my childhood we were hardly Sunday regulars and didn’t even call ourselves Catholic, my parents always instilled in my sister and I vaguely Catholic values which I believe played a significant part in our eventual conversion to the faith as adults.

Since receiving my sacraments of initiation (baptism, confirmation and first Eucharist) I’ve maintained that I am a baby Catholic, having been received fully into the church but still with so much to learn. Every time I think I’m starting to get the hang of it, I discover something new about this beautiful faith of ours. Here I will share some of the experiences, questions and epiphanies which set me on the path to God. Whether you’re in the process of discovery for some of your own questions or simply looking for new ways to live out your faith, I hope you find something here for you. Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day!